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It is raining stars:

One Michelin star and the Green star

We are delighted to have been awarded a Michelin star and the Green Star of the Guide Michelin.
The great effort, the pursuit of perfection and the tireless passion have paid off again: Stephan Zippl, who has been the head chef responsible for the Holzner's kitchen and the 1908 Restaurant for five years, has been awarded a Michelin star. This is the first one on Renon mountain.
But there is even more good news: we are honoured to have received the Green Star, an award given to restaurants that have shown merit in their pursuit of sustainability. In Italy, there are only 30 restaurants that are allowed to adorn themselves with the Green Star.
Since 2020, at the 1908 restaurant only the best products from Ritten and the surrounding area are used. Stephan Zippl's compositions and their presentation are intended to strengthen the perception of regional ingredients and sustainability in upscale cuisine. In view of this special recognition, our thanks go to the Guide Michelin, to the tireless Stephan Zippl with his kitchen team, to the stunning Markus Schnitzer and his service team and to all our loyal guests.