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Re:vier Cuisine

Sustainability rethought

Stephan Zippl draws inspiration from the best regional products, which serve as a starting point for his delicious creations. From his strong sense for aroma, texture and sensory perception, extraordinary compositions are created which, in line with his philosophy, are distinguished by four elements: sweetness, acidity, spiciness and crunchiness.

Thus, the cuisine at Restaurant 1908 was named Re:vier. In German, Revier means territory - representing our land from which we collect the best regional produce; whereas vier means four - standing for the four elements forming the fundament of the 1908's cuisine.
Produce & partners
For us, sustainability is more than just seasonally bound regionalism: We make a point of supporting small, local cycles, invest in good and fair cooperation with our suppliers and the prudent use of our resources.

Wherever possible, we try to source our products from producers in the immediate vicinity. For those few products that are not available to us in South Tyrol, we pay even more attention to quality, sustainability and fair production.
from the Buchhütterhof farm in Oberbozen
2 km from the 1908

Beef, veal and pork
from farmers and breeders on Ritten mountain
within a radius of 10 km from the 1908

Organic turkey and chicken
from the Migler farm in Oberbozen
5 km from the 1908

Fruit and vegetables
from the Aspinger farm in Barbian
20 km from the 1908

from the fish farm Schiefer in Passeier
60 km from the 1908

from the hotel's own herb garden
0 km from the 1908