I-39054 Oberbozen
Ritten - South Tyrol - Italy
Phone +39 0471 345 232
At Parkhotel Holzner
near the cablecar!
VAT n. 01188210213
From january 5 until april 30, the 1908 is closed.
Opening times
  • Tu 19-23
  • We 19-23
  • Th 19-23
  • Fr 19-23
  • Sa 19-23

1908 - isn’t it charming!

Our love for life is timeless and there is always a good occasion to celebrate and enjoy it with dear ones and friends.

Our new restaurant, 1908, embodies this sentiment – it is the perfect place to meet good friends in a warm environment of simple pleasures and fine food: in short, 1908 highlights the bright side of life!
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