I-39054 Oberbozen
Ritten - South Tyrol - Italy
Phone +39 0471 345 232
At Parkhotel Holzner
near the cablecar!
VAT n. 01188210213
The Parkhotel Holzner opens its doors on 15 June. However, for the time being only for hotel guests. The 1908 remains closed until further notice.
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Opening times
  • Tu 19-23
  • We 19-23
  • Th 19-23
  • Fr 19-23
  • Sa 19-23

1908 - isn’t it charming!

Our love for life is timeless and there is always a good occasion to celebrate and enjoy it with dear ones and friends.

Our new restaurant, 1908, embodies this sentiment – it is the perfect place to meet good friends in a warm environment of simple pleasures and fine food: in short, 1908 highlights the bright side of life!
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