I-39054 Oberbozen
Ritten - South Tyrol - Italy
Phone +39 0471 345 232
At Parkhotel Holzner
near the cablecar!
VAT n. 01188210213
Opening times
  • Tu 19-23
  • We 19-23
  • Th 19-23
  • Fr 19-23
  • Sa 19-23

Welcome at the Re:vier

Stephan Zippl draws inspiration from the best regional products, which serve as a starting point for his delicious creations. From his strong sense for aroma, texture and sensory perception, extraordinary compositions are created which, in line with his philosophy, are distinguished by four elements: sweetness, acidity, spiciness and crunchiness.

Come and experience Stephan Zippls "Re:vier Kitchen" at the 1908 Restaurant: Revier, in German, means "kingdom", "territory" and inside it also contains the word vier, or "four". And it is no coincidence: the character of our land is reflected in the four elements that characterise the culinary art of our South Tyrolean chef.
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